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306A Final Blog Week 11 & 12 – Final Demonstration Videos

During these last few weeks, I just continued practicing the three songs I learned. In this post, I include videos for each of my songs. Here is what my learning plan outlined, along with how I adjusted these goals to… Continue Reading →

306A Final Blog 2: Week 9 & 10

My goals for Week 9 & 10 (from my growth plan): Continue practicing “I’m Yours” Start learning “Like I’m Going to Lose You” Learn new chord Em Practice strumming pattern with 4 chords – Am, C, F, Em Combine the… Continue Reading →

306A Final Blog 1: Week 7 & 8

My goal for Week 7 & 8 (from my growth plan): Focus on the song “I’m Yours” Learn strumming pattern (down, up, down, up, down) Practice strumming pattern with 4 chords (Am, G, C, F) Combine the chords and strumming… Continue Reading →

What I Value in the Classroom

In a PHE and non-PHE environment, there are certain things I would like to pay extra attention to while teaching. As I continue my education and gain more experience, I plan to learn more about these points and discover ways… Continue Reading →

My Experience

Sylvan Learning Centre Currently, I work at Sylvan Learning Centre where I have the privilege to help children overcome learning obstacles and achieve their goals. This direct experience with children every week has demonstrated to me the importance of approaching… Continue Reading →


The following videos helped me discover the importance of positive relationships in the classroom and how to consider approaching them. As I mentioned throughout my portfolio, my teaching philosophy is centred around the importance of creating strong relationships and making… Continue Reading →


When I consider my role as a teacher, I remember that one’s heart is at the centre of teaching. This quote has been one that I have referenced for years, and it reminds me of the important of positivity, care,… Continue Reading →

Our Class is a Family

During my field experience in the fall, I was introduced to the book “Our Class is a Family,” by Shannon Olsen. This story encompasses my beliefs of a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. I would love to share this book… Continue Reading →

Arbutus Cove Park

This week I explored a beach that I was not previously aware of. The park is called Arbutus Cove, and I think the specific area of the park I explored is called Havenwood Park. The beach was about a 30-minute… Continue Reading →

Week #13 Reflection – Last Class!

Today was our final class of EDCI 336! I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot of information about technology and learning. I plan to keep my resources in a file so I can reference them in the future… Continue Reading →

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